Computer Logic and number system – কম্পিউটার লজিক ও নম্বার সিস্টেম

  1. George Boole find the relationship between Logic & Math’s in 1854;
  2. George Boole invented the Boolean Algebra;
  3. There are 2 values of each variable in Boolean Algebra;
  4. There are 3 basic/fundamental gates in Boolean Algebra;
  5. NOT is one of the basic/fundamental gates of Boolean Algebra;
  6. The logic gate NOT has one input and one output;
  7. NOT operator is one of the logical operator;
  8. The logic gate NOT has- One output & One Output;
  9. The main character of NOT gate is- reverse the signal;
  10. X-NOR gate is the combination of X-OR gate and NOT gate;
  11. John Nepiar invented- Logarithms;
  12. Super computers, Mainframe computers, minicomputers and Micro computers are based on Digital;
  13. The arranging of data in a logical sequence is called- sorting;
  14. The brain of a computer within the CPU is- Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU);
  15. Central Processing Unit is combination of Arithmetic Logic Unit & Control Unit;
  16. The ancient Babylon people used 2 types of counting system;
  17. The ancient Babylon people used 15 based for large counting;
  18. The ancient Babylon people used 10 based for small counting;
  19. The ten-based book was published in India;
  20. Al Khwarizmi wrote a book on ten based;
  21. Binary number system is mainly used for computer system;
  22. In binary number system 2 is the base;
  23. In decimal system there are 10 digits;
  24. In number system the lowest unit is digit;
  25. Computers use 2 digits for its electronic job purpose: 0 & 1;
  26. 1 (One) is the value of any number when its power zero;
  27. The binary compliment of 0 is 1;
  28. The binary compliment of 1 is 0;
  29. The number with the fraction is called- real number;
  30. There are 2 kinds of real number;
  31. Rational number is understood by integer;
  32. Internal processing (task) of computer is normally performed in- Binary system;
  33. In octal number system, 8 base;
  34. In Hexadecimal number system the base is 16;
  35. Octal + Decimal = Hexadecimal number;
  36. ASCII code that used for the English and Roman language;
  37. There are 2 steps in ASCII;
  38. There are 256 symbols used for the main English language;
  39. There are 85000 symbols used for the Chinese language;
  40. There are 65536 codes for UNICODE consodium in the world for all language;
  41. The latest version of UNICODE 501;
  42. The length of Unicode character is 16 bits;
  43. Bit is the short form of- Binary & digit;
  44. The first digital computer was invented by- Blias Pascal;
  45. The name of 0 & 1 is bit;
  46. The name of the word that constitute of eight bits in Binary system-Byte; 8 bit=1 Byte.
  47. 8 bits are used for processing data;
  48. The name of Coding system that is used in Bangla language- UNICODE;
  49. An EBCDI code is 8 Bit;
  50. Binary Coded Decimal (BCD) is 4 Bit;
  51. Low level language is own language of computer which is written in binary;
  52. The capacity of 3.5 inches floppy disc is 1.44 MB;
  53. The base 16 number system is – Hexadecimal
  54. প্রাচীন ব্যাবিলনে গণনার পদ্ধতি ছিল ২ ধরনের;
  55. হেক্সাডেসিমেল গণনার মৌলিক অংক ১৬টি;


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