English Literature – English Literary Terms

English Literature – English Literary Terms

To Daffodils- Short lived human life

Thrillers – sensational stories

Sonnet – a poem of fourteen lines.

Satire – The literary art that uses honour and wit to attack and expose human folly and weakness.

Romanticism- Love & Beauty

Romantic Poetry feature- Subjectivity

Rhyme – short poem in same sound.

Rhetoric – the art of persuasive impressive speaking / writing.

Renaissance- The revival of life

Protagonist – the leading character in a play / novel.

Plagiarism – act of stealing from the writing of others.

Penny dreadful – blood and thunder tales.

Parody – imitation of a poem or a writing.

Opera – a musical drama.

Ode – a lyric poem, often in the form of an address.

Novel- Latin word

Melodrama- Play- Violent & Sensational themes

Limerick- Short form of light verse

Lexicographer- Dictionary Writers

Catastrophe- The tragic end of dramatic events

Ballad- Short narrative poem

Achilles- Greek Fighter

A Fantasy- Imaginary Story


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