MS Word এমএসওয়ার্ড-1

Word Processing

  1. The program used for word processing is called- package program;
  2. Key board is joined with computer like type writer for Input data;
  3. Shift key helps to write English capital letters form key board;
  4. Caps Lock is the function of display English capital letter;
  5. Auto correction is possible in English language software;
  6. The line at the top of File, Edit, View in a document is called- Title bar;
  7. G button is used for link in time of Bengali text;
  8. The weekly Anandapatra published in 1987 by Mostafa Jabbar;
  9. To delete a sentence, the command is- press delete button after selecting the sentence;
  10. Different size of characters in word processing software is called as- Font;
  11. Mail merge is- Prepare a document from two file;
  12. Move cursor is done by arrow key;
  13. Point is the unit of measure character;
  14. To select a paper size, the command is- page set up from file;


MS Word:

  1. Valid Ending for a MS Word File is –   .doc/ .docx
  2. Writing, editing, storing and printing a document using computer software, are known as- Word Processing Software.
  3. In MS Word application package, you can produce some letter for different persons by
  4. using- mail merge;
  5. Graphics for word processor- Clip art;
  6. MS Word, Word Star, WP- Word Processing Packages;
  7. “Bullet and Numbering” option of MS Word at- Format menu;
  8. “Header and Footer” option of MS Word at- Insert menu;


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