Computer Generations – কম্পিউটারের প্রজন্ম

Computer Generations

  1. In which year computer chip was first used – 1976
  2. The Microprocessor invented with the collaboration of IBM, Apple and Motorola is called – Power PC
  3. The most powerful Micro-computer is – Miniframe
  4. The main characteristics of 5th Generation computer is – detection of Human voice and artificial intelligence
  5. The computer by which the atmosphere after the atomic bomb blast can be measured – Super Computer
  6. HAL-9000 is a Modern Computer
  7. Toshiba Libretto 50CT  is a Computer
  8. What is the other name for a chip? – IC
  9. Which is the fastest computer? – Super Computer
  10. A complete Microcomputer system includes ?Ans: Microprocessor, memory, peripheral equipment.
  11. What is the number of Computer Generation? Ans: Five
  12. Transistor invented in 1948;
  13. Integrated Circuit (IC) invented in 1958;
  14. IBM was provided software for PCs by- Microsoft;
  15. Time sharing, tele typing were associated with- mainframe computers;
  16. Midrange computer- Minicomputer;
  17. There are many computers or dumb computers are jointed with Mainframe computers;
  18. Chief component of first generation computer was- Vacuum Tubes and Valves;
  19. First generation programming language – Machine language;
  20. The language which is directly understood by the computer without translation program-
  21. Machine language;
  22. Second generation computer was developed in during 1956 to 1965;
  23. Second generation programming language- Assembly language;
  24. The third generation programming language is High level language;
  25. Forth generation programming language- Very High level language;
  26. Fifth generation programming language- Natural language;
  27. Computer can understand human language after converting into machine language;
  28. The present time is called age of information;
  29. In industries the device is used as alternative of worker is called- Robot;
  30. Computer is not intelligent like man;
  31. Computer cannot be used to exchange of feelings;
  32. 1st Generation computer- EDSAC;
  33. 2nd Generation computer- IBM 1401;
  34. Vacuum tubes- Computers of 1st generation;
  35. Transistors instead of bulbs at first use in- Computers of 2nd generation;
  36. High level language used in- 2nd generation computer;
  37. Integrated circuit (IC) was in use in- 3rd generation computer;
  38. Micro Computers (Micro processor)- 4th Generation computer;
  39. The brain of a computer- Microprocessor;
  40. Microprocessor invented in 1971;
  41. Intel Itanum microprocessor is 128 bit;
  42. A physical connection between the microprocessor memory and other parts of the microcomputer is known as- address bus;
  43. A basic unit of measurement for capacitors is- farad;
  44. At first Microprocessor manufactured by- Intel;
  45. Microprocessor is used for processing data;
  46. Intel 4080 was the model of the first microprocessor was marketed on November 1971;
  47. The Microprocessor 8080 was manufactured by Intel in 1974;
  48. Microcomputer were first marketed by Apple company in 1976, Brand name- Apple;
  49. International Business Machine (IBM) company marketed her microcomputer in 1981;
  50. Apple company marketed her new series of microcomputer with Macintosh brand name in 1984 and earned quick popularity;
  51. The translation from heavy computers to PCs was made possible by using- microprocessor;
  52. Several lacks of transistors make a Microprocessor;
  53. There are 5 generations of computers;
  54. Fifth generation computer is still under development;
  55. Artificial intelligence is associated with- fifth generation;
  56. Super Computer- 5th generation computer;
  57. 5th generation computer is also known as Knowledge information processing system;
  58. অত্যাধুনিক কম্পিউটারের দ্রুত অগ্রগতির মূলে রয়েছে- ইন্টিগ্রেটেড সার্কিট (আইসি)
  59. বিশ্বের প্রথম কম্পিউটার নেটওয়ার্ক আরপানেট চালুহয় ১৯৬৯ সালে;


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