Computer Logic 1

Computer Logic (কম্পিউটার লজিক)

263.  George Boole find the relationship between Logic & Math’s in 1854;
264.  George Boole invented the Boolean Algebra;
265.  There are 2 values of each variable in Boolean Algebra;
266.  There are 3 basic/fundamental gates in Boolean Algebra;
267.  NOT is one of the basic/fundamental gates of Boolean Algebra;
268.  The logic gate NOT has one input and one output;
269.  NOT operator is one of the logical operator;
270.  The logic gate NOT has- One output & One Output;
271.  The main character of NOT gate is- reverse the signal;
272.  X-NOR gate is the combination of X-OR gate and NOT gate;
273.  John Nepiar invented- Logarithms;
274.  Super computers, Mainframe computers, minicomputers and Micro computers are based
on Digital;
275.  The arranging of data in a logical sequence is called- sorting;
276.  The brain of a computer within the CPU is- Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU);
277.  Central Processing Unit is combination of Arithmetic Logic Unit & Control Unit;
278.  The ancient Babylon people used 2 types of counting system;
279.  The ancient Babylon people used 15 based for large counting;
280.  The ancient Babylon people used 10 based for small counting;
281.  The ten-based book was published in India;
282.  Al Khwarizmi wrote a book on ten based;
283.  Binary number system is mainly used for computer system;
284.  In binary number system 2 is the base;
285.  In decimal system there are 10 digits;
286.  In number system the lowest unit is digit;
287.  Computers use 2 digits for its electronic job purpose: 0 & 1;
288.  1 (One) is the value of any number when its power zero;

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