Spreadsheet Analysis -এম এস এক্সেল

Spreadsheet Analysis -এম এস এক্সেল

315.  Spreadsheet is a accounting program;
316.  The program that used for calculations relating purpose is- Spreadsheet program;
317.  The special advantage of Spreadsheet program- Large and complicated calculation;
318.  The popular and common used spread program is MS Excel;

319.  In 1985 Microsoft company prepared spreadsheet for- Macintosh computer;
320.  The command of spreadsheet program is called- Menu driven;
321.  MS Excel spreadsheet program is Graphical User Interface (GUI) type program;
322.  The reserve words in BASIC include GOTO;
323.  Most commonly used spreadsheet program for DOS is- LOTUS 123;
324.  Lotus is a text based spreadsheet program;
325.  The nature of organization of BASIC is open;
326.  In MS Excel 2003 program maximum number of rows 65536 and columns 256;
327.  In MS Excel 2007 program maximum number of rows 1048576 and columns 16384;
328.  The name of the point where a row and a column crossed is- Cell;
329.  An active cell in work sheet mean- Ready for execute for command;
330.  Cell address A2 means- 2nd
row of column A;
331.  In spreadsheet program range mean- Select some cell at a time;
332.  There are 2 kinds of cell in MS Excel program;
333.  Using logical formula based mathematical works be done in spreadsheet program;
334.  At the beginning of formula in spreadsheet program Equal Sign (=) is to be typed;
335.  The command of symbols currency (dollar, Taka) remain in MS Excel program- format
cells of format menu;
336.  The cells in the worksheet when cells are run from top to bottom is called- column;
337.  The place of Formula typing in MS Excel is- Formula Bar;

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