Computer MCQ 4

Computer MCQ (কম্পিউটার নৈবত্যিক)

471.  VoIP means- Voice OverInternet Protocol;
472.  The Google’s first mobile phone is- Nexus One;
473.  Database means- Store of Information;
474.  Database management means- proper management of data;
475.  A database is a organized collection of- data or records;
476.  The system when information of different table can exchange- Relational database;
477.  A record consist of- more than one field;
478.  Part of different record is called field;
479.  Date of birth in database program is field;
480.  Show data in various way- Report;
481.  Yes/No in any program- Logical field;
482.  Database software- Oracle, Fox Pro, File maker pro.
Application of Computer & Multimedia
483.  Multimedia mean- many media;
484.  Graphics font is used in Lisa and Macintosh;
485.  At the end of 80’s start compose with the help of computer;
486.  Lisa is an operating system;
487.  The dynamic graphics of text in multimedia is called- Animation;
488.  Casketed letter were used during poster size paper printing;
489.  The additional advantage of Multimedia than Radio-Television are- interactivity;
490.  The single wave of sound- Mono sound;
491.  Many wave of sound- Stereo sound;
492.  There are 2 kinds of multimedia- (i) Hyper multimedia, (ii) Non linear multimedia;
493.  Hyper multimedia- Internet based;
494.  Non linear multimedia- Computer based;
495.  Multimedia development tools- Director, Hyper studio, Hyper Card, Super Card and
496.  The criteria to be a multimedia programmer- know text, animation and graphics;
497.  3 media is required for Multimedia Programming;
498.  The advantage of 3D Vacillator Card in Multimedia is- Excess memory;
499.  We can used Internet and Ethernet in multimedia;
500.  Multimedia mainly depends on Programming;
501.  Multimedia software and Internet is one of the modern teaching aid;
502.  Television program is not multimedia, because it has no- Interactivity;
503.  Nineteen century is recognized as remarkable period of Multimedia;

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