Computer MCQ 3

Computer MCQ  (কম্পিউটার নৈবত্যিক)

431.  When computers are installed very near to each other is the Local Area Network;
432.  When all the computers are installed a long way distance or among the countries is the
Wide Area Network;
433.  Wired and Wireless are the medium for making internet or network;
434.  The structure that creates network among the computers is Topology;
435.  The member of the Local Area Network is – Bus Topology, Ring Topology, Star Topology,
Completely connected Topology, Delta Topology, Hybrid Topology;
436.  The function of Delta Bus among the different computers- Delta transfer;
437.  In Bus Topology does not have Host computer;
438.  In Star Topology doeshave Host computer;
439.  In Star Topology Host computer plays role of bridge with the terminal;
440.  The name of extended form of Star Topology is- Tree Topology;
441.  The Star Topology does not allow to transfer data directlyfrom computer to computer;
442.  Hybrid Topology consist of Ring + Bus + completely connected Topology;
443.  Internet was popularly known to all and got its recognition in 1994;
444.  The different servers of different cities comeunder satellite at the beginning of 90’s;
445.  Each and every document of Internet purpose must have their won Address;
446.  Uniform Resource Location (URL) is the address of document in internet;
447.  There are 3 parts in aninternet address;
448.  E-mail ঠিকানা দুইভাগে বিভক্ত;
449.  E-mail ঠিকানায় @ চিহ্ন অবশ্যই থাকে;
450.  E-mail ঠিকানার @ চিহ্নের পরের অংশ- Host domain name;
451.  E-mail ঠিকানার @চিহ্নের আগে থাকে ব্যবহারকারীর নাম।
452.  Network এর ring সংগঠন হচ্ছে বৃত্তাকার;
453.  Wikipedia is online based free Encyclopedia;
454.  BD News 24 dot com- The first internet based news agency of Bangladesh;
455.  The first virtual news presenter- Anna nova;
456.  YouTube is a famous video sharing site;
457.  Facebook is a social networking site;
458.  Google plus- A new social networking site of Google;
459.  Account holders of Internet- Netigen;
460.  A person having the full control over the domain of computer is- an operator.
461.  The symbol must exist in an email address- @
462.  Correct syntax for a URL-
463.  In 1972, the symbol @ chosen for its use in e mail address;
464.  We use web to- (1) Send and receive e-mail, (2) Search for information.
465.  “Freeze Windows Panses” is an Excel command which helps in- Password protection;
466.  Firewall- protects a computer systemfrom hacking & filtering Virus;
467.  A program that can copy itself and infect the computer without permission and knowledge
of the owner is called- Virus;
468.  The name of structure where data move through a network is- Packets;
469.  Universal gate- NAND, NOR, EX-OR;
470.  Verification of a log in name and password is known as- Authentication;

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