Computer MCQ 2

Computer MCQ (কম্পিউটার নৈবত্যিক)

391.  5th generation computer is also known as Knowledge information processing system;
392.  Assembler is a software;
393.  Translator convert programming instruction into Machine language;
394.  Translator software is interpreter or compiler;
395.  Main goal of programming is satisfactory solution of problem;
396.  There are 3 types of programming language- i. Machine language, ii. Assembly language,
iii. High level language;
397.  Compiler software is used to convert High Level language into Machine language;
398.  The program that used in High level language is- Source code;
399.  In a perfect program there are 4 steps- i. Identity the problem, ii. Flow chart, iii. Code, iv.
400.  When flow chart is converted into computerprogramming language is called- Coding;
401.  Flow chart is the pictorial form of the different steps of a program;
402.  Pseudo code used in programming, the word ‘Pseudo’ come from Greek;
403.  In programming language ‘Pseudo’ means- It is not true;
404.  When some instruction are written before using the programming language is called-
Pseudo code;
405.  Boolean data type is 2 byte;
406.  Integer data type is 2 byte;
407.  The size of ‘Date’ data type = 8 byte; [each character 2 byte]
408.  Property, Event and Method are the baseof a object oriented programming;
409.  A visual basic programming does have 3 mood;
410.  When controls are used on the form at the design mood visual basic programming is called-
Interface of program;
411.  The principal goal of a visual basic programming language is fast and easy window based
412.  In 3rd step coding work is done in programming;
413.  Flow chart is one of the base of programming;
414.  Coding means write program;
415.  3 types of operators used in visual Basic program;
416.  Array- One kind of variable;
417.  DO ——— LOOP is the statement, means- repetition;
418.  The short form of Combo box- object in visual basic programming- cbo;
419.  The short form of command Button in visual Basic programming- cmd;
420.  The short form of label object invisual basic programming- lbl;
421.  The short form of Text object in visual basic program- txt
422.  Visual basic programming marketed in 1960;
423.  The program that translate program that’s written in high level language into machine
language is called- Compiler;
424.  The ‘Add or remove programs’ utility can be found in- Control panel;

425.  The task of a debug program is to look intoall programs to- Locate and correct errors;

426.  The process of identifying and correcting mistakes in a computer program is referred to as-

Debugging [Wrong program];

427.  There are three types of errors in a program, namely- (a). Syntax error; (b). Logical error;

©. Executive error.

428.  In a computer program, the process of executing the same instructions over and over is

called- Looping;


Computer Network and Internet

429.  Network can exchange data in between different companies;

430.  There are 2 types of Network in computers in context of geographical region- Local Area

Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN);

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